The Dana 20 is a good transfer case, but it does have a few drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is a loose shifter. The shifter was loose sitting on the show room floor. AMC used thin bronze bushings and junk pivot pins that wore out very quick. The product I am offering now is for the shifter itself. This kit replaces the bushings and pivot pin to a much better and reliable set-up. The bushings are replaceable should they wear out.To install this kit you have to remove the shifter and the tube that holds everything together. Also, drilling is required to allow the new pin to pass through the U-Bracket. If you work on your Jeep now, you should have no problem doing this. All hardware is included. When it's complete you will not believe how smooth the shifter becomes.When using this kit along with the new linkage your shifting becomes less prone to binding and also becomes more precise and has a much better feel.No Junk Here.
Don't be fooled by other kits out there that only replace the factory bushings with nylon replacements. Those kits do not replace the pivot pin and the slop will still be present. My kit replaces all of the factory parts with high quality machined oil light bronze bushings and a stainless steel pivot pin to last a lifetime.

Jeep CJ Dana 20 Transfercase Shifter Bushing Kit



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